Million Dollar Views

Oh Yosemite with your endless views, vibrant nature, and your curvacious rocks…I’ve never seen anything like you.  Ninety five percent of this park is designated as wilderness so it’s crazy to imagine we’re only witnessing a snippet of this gorgeous land.  Our sight seeing was planned the same way as Sequoia, we visited all the top landmarks.  Compared to Sequoia, I found Yosemite much easier to navigate since most top attractions are closer to each other.  We started by visiting Glacier point, to witness this proud rock many have conquered and many have not 🙁  We did a little rock climbing by the Falls, and then headed to the Valley.  I love to camp but not so much in the winter (it was already snowing in some areas) so I’m hoping to come back during the warmer days to explore a little more of this beauty.  Their camp grounds look very well equipped and organized!  Click here for yummiest place to eat in Yosemite!

“So when you ask what makes us the greatest country in the world, I don’t know what the f*** you’re talking about?! Yosemite?!!!” LOL! I had to share this funny piece of dialog from the “Newsroom.”

Until next road trip!

Peace 🙂

yosemite9Namaste Glacier Point 🙂yosemite1yosemite8yosemite2yosemite7yosemite10I ♥ this panoramic pic because we took it ourselves by passing over the phone to each other! 

yosemite3Yosemite Valley you’re just perfect! 

yosemite5Road trip over for now…

Excited for the next adventure!



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