Alice’s Cookhouse BBQ

Before you head up to the mountains or on your way back from Yosemite like us, STOP HERE.  Hungry like a bear (duh) what’s best than some good ol’ BBQ ribs with the sides to die for.  I’m not huge on meat but this wasn’t just meat…it was meat like butter!  Fell off right off the bone and to this day the most flavor filled and tender ribs I’ve had.  We got a full rack with a side of cole slaw, fries, pasta salad, and cheesy bread.  Let’s just say we weren’t counting calories, not that I ever do anyway.  This was the perfect way to wrap up our adventures in Yosemite.  Happy heart, happy life and happy belly!  Mission complete 🙂

ribs2This darling restaurant is down to earth, order at the counter type of service and the heartiest food ♥ Just my type. ribs#Foodporn enough said.

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